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Building Partnerships through Technical Excellence & Service

For over 40 years Microtech has been providing product manufacture together with the technical support services required to assist its partners throughout the entire life cycle of their electronic products.

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Simon ThomsonThere are many factors that you have to take into account when choosing a contract manufacturer.  The obvious ones of cost and capability can be taken as read but I believe my team at Microtech has an unequalled understanding of the wider business needs associated with the subcontracting of your product manufacture.  For nearly 40 years we have been listening to our customers and helping them to achieve success.  You can be confident that we will use all our technical knowledge and experience to do the same for you. 

Our quotation will simply prove that we have the capability to meet your Price, Delivery and Quality criteria however your decision to use Microtech will be heavily influenced by less obvious, but possibly more important, business criteria such as:-.

  • Minimising Risk
  • Fit (Capacity)
  • Flexibility
  • Cash Flow
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Responsiveness
  • Communications
  • Technical Support
  • Help with New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Continuous Sustainable Improvement

All these and more are addressed in detail elsewhere on this web site or, if you prefer, I would be very happy to discuss them with you face to face.

Simon Thomson (Managing Director)