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Building Partnerships through Technical Excellence & Service

For over 40 years Microtech has been providing product manufacture together with the technical support services required to assist its partners throughout the entire life cycle of their electronic products.

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On Friday the 16th September, in the early hours of the morning, the torrential rain flooded the carpark at the back of the building and breached the flood defences. The shopfloor was flooded with 4" of water, which had to be bailed out be production staff when they arrived in the morning.


We have closed the factory from 13:00 on Friday to allow the floors and carpets to dry out over the weekend.


We will be open again for business as usual on Monday the 19th September.


If you have any urgent enquiries, Please telephone Simon Thomson on 07767 495686

Tim Burton has joined the IT department as an apprentice. He is starting a two year apprenticeship with Firebrand training to complete an apprenticeship in software development.


DSC 1113

Microtech has invested in a Europlacer Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine ALD525. The machine covers all defect ranges including all kinds of lifted leads and all defects on small chips, as well as all coplanarity defects. It is designed to overcome all PCB design challenges like shadows, different component's colours, warpage, and many more.



Microtech has invested in a new Europlacer Speedprint Solder Paste Printer SP700. This will improve solder paste application to the PCBs, especially for smaller components. Some of the standard features include automatic rail width adjust, fully automatic stencil load & eject, fully programmable wet/dry vacuum Under Stencil Cleaner & on-stencil solder bead inspection.



We have just installed a second Europlacer Pick and Place machine, the iineo 1. This can place components with an accuracy of +/- 35um allowing the placement of components as small as 0.4mm x 0.2mm (01005 components).  The machine can place 14,000 components per hour (IPC placement rate of 11,580 c/h). The many advantages of this machine ensure that Microtech is "Ready for tomorrows challenges".



Kenny Charles - I would like to thank Graham Mills for giving me the chance to become a cell manager, at 17 I didn’t take work serious and Graham sat me down and said you can do more for yourself thank god I listened to him, I have worked at Microtech from the age of 17 I am now 47 making that 30 years service, I have seen many people come and go and people have said to me why are you still working there? My answer is Microtech is a very good company to work for very understanding and I have built up a second family, I have enjoyed my 30 years at Microtech.

Khalid Golamy - I would like to thank Microtech for having me for 10 years, this is the longest I’ve ever worked at a company, even with my slight disability they are very understanding and helpful, the people are very friendly and I feel if I ever had a problem I could talk to the managers and the workers.

Nick Cocksedge - Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Simon and Graham for my gift for 30 years service and thank you for all your support over the years.

Having worked at Microtech for 30 years now going from a 17 year old trainee wireman to 47 year old production engineering manager I have seen many changes mostly in SMT Technology which has moved very fast and I believe that the company is moving with it and not backwards, We as a company have many strengths and I look forward to many more years working at Microtech.

Debbie Sargeant - I am proud of myself for completing 10 years service with Microtech Electronics Ltd, and would like to thank them for the watch I have received in recognition of my service.

I have greatly enjoyed my time with Microtech, my colleagues here have been very supportive and professional, which has grown my knowledge and skills working for a sub-contractor manufacturer, as I came from a distribution company.

Lots of the Microtech staff have been with the company for over 10 years and this is down to the company working as a team, its friendly working environment, and the open door policy from the management which enables you to feel that you can fulfil your potential.